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Agenda & Guiding Questions

Some Guiding Questions

The following are questions that will shape the meeting agenda:

  • What are the underlying challenges facing municipal water privatization across regions from different perspectives?
  • What are the needs of labor/union activists as they build a movement to maintain water under public control?
  • How can we bring together activists and water utility workers/members?
  • How can we learn from each other's experiences and also connect in solidarity in local struggles against municipal water privatization?
  • How do we link domestic and international struggles and initiatives?
  • Are there common issues of class, race, and gender?
  • What is the role of U.S. Government in International and Domestic Water Privatization?
  • How does local activism contribute to a state by-state strategy?
  • What has worked and how can lessons be implemented?
  • How can public/public partnerships strengthen municipal systems? What is being done now and what else could be done

Draft Agenda for Event

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