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  • Noam Chomsky, MIT, Cambridge
  • Cristina Martinez, Cambridge
  • Dorotea Manuela, Boston May Day Coalition, Dorchester
  • Chuck Turner, City Councillor, Boston
  • Merrie Najimy, American Arab Anti- Discrimination Committee, Watertown
  • Jorge Marin, Bolivarian Circle, Boston
  • Nalda Vigezzi, National Network on Cuba, Boston
  • Suzanne Lee, Chinese Progressive Association, Brookline
  • Reem Assil, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, Oakland, CA
  • Judy Khy, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, Allston
  • Kim Elliot, rabble.ca, Toronto, ON
  • Chris Fernandez, Binary Freedom, Socialist Party, Boston
  • Ashley Smith, National Writers Union, UAW 1981, Burlington
  • Taina Vargas, 3rd Sunday Batey, Lawrence
  • Liz Mestres, Brecht Forum, New York, NY
  • David Keil, Human Rights Action Committee, Natick
  • Joseph Nevins, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Sophia Kim, API Movement, Quincy
  • Michael Liu, Asian American Resource Workshop, Brookline
  • Eli Beckerman, Green-Rainbow Party, Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, Cambridge
  • Saeed Ahghan, South Windsor, CT
  • Yirgalem Madie, Jobs with Justice, Boston
  • Gabriel Camacho, AFSC Project Voice, Watertown
  • Beth Dyer, Hartford, CT
  • Tito Meza, Chelsea
  • Bryan Koulouris, Socialist Alternative, Boston
  • Libardo Rueda, SEIU 615, Winthrop
  • Bhavin Patel, Somerville
  • Cathy Crumbley, Colombia Vive, Lowell
  • Marilyn Frankenstein, Cambridge

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We stand for free speech.

Now more than ever, free speech must be defended. The Boston-based organizing center encuentro 5 (e5) was founded to help build social movements. Recently prevented from hosting an event on Palestine [see Free Speech Denied!], however, it is now under intense pressure as a zone for free speech and a promoter of progressive change. As e5 struggles to recover as a movement-building space, we pledge to stand by it.

We affirm e5's freedom of speech and association; both are prerequisites for social change. Not absolutists, we recognize the dangers of racist and chauvinistic agitation. Therefore, we support e5s giving expression to struggles for self-determination, including that of the Palestinian people. The right to choose campaigns and allies without interference is also fundamental to our cause.

The pressures on e5 and its sponsor, Massachusetts Global Action (MGA), are attempts to divert it from its chosen activities and allies. MGA is key partner in important and broad initiatives of the antiwar, immigrant, human rights, and global justice movements. At the heart of its work is the ability to network with a wide range of organizations. Results validate this approach. Looking at the last few months alone, MGA has been a part of:

  1. The October 27 mobilization to end the war;
  2. Launching a campaign in support of the Human Right to Water in Boston
  3. Local events and campaigns around the Global Day of Action called by the World Social Forum;
  4. Organizing a series of events pertaining to Plan Colombia and the Partnership for Trade [for example, Displaced, But Not Silent];
  5. Pro-migrant worker organizing by the Boston May Day Coalition and the Jamaica Plain Rapid Response Network;
  6. Mobilizing in support of democratic movements in Latin America with the Boston Bolivarianos and helping anchor the organizing for a visit by President Evo Morales to Boston;
  7. Supporting the campaign by Iraq Veterans Against the War to hold the second Winter Soldier hearings;
  8. Building towards a human rights conference to be held in July 2008;
  9. Running encuentro 5 as home to 11 non-profits, several city-wide coalitions and cultural space for young artists.

MGA does not presume ownership over the work; indeed, its approach is to act collaboratively and thereby strengthen the broader progressive social change movement. All of this is made possible by MGA's workingin good faith and through deep commitmentwith diverse progressive organizations and traditions. Strong social movements are built by a capacity to encompass diversity.

Inspired by and respectful of the broad outpouring of support for e5, we, the undersigned, join MGA in rebuilding e5 as a movement-building zone of engagement and free expression of ideas.

  • Please read, "Free Speech Denied!" for an account of events leading up to this petition. Other accounts of this matter are also provided there. If you know of a differing perspective and would like us to list it, send us the link: events <@> massglobalaction <dot> org
  • To read a critique of this petition, click here
  • A full list of signatories can be found here. If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to events <@> massglobalaction <dot> org or call our office directly, 617-482-6300.



I stand for free speech!

  • I believe that MGA should host events of its choosing, including ones on the rights of the Palestinian people.
  • I believe that MGA should have the right to determine its own campaigns and their timing.
  • I support free speech!

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