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Why "Our Communities, Our Water"?

Twenty years from now (if not already) wars will be fought somewhere in this world over the issue of water. This is how important this issue is on the world stage and this is why we must begin putting the issue of globalization and control of water on the front burner for both social justice and good government activists all over the country.

Many of us believe that "water is a basic human need, and therefore a right, and should not be treated as a commodity'. Corporations and those who believe in the corporate model deny this and will do whatever it takes to move the issue of control over water into the market forces that worship one basic principle that those who have money will always be making decisions for those without.

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Defending Communities in Massachusetts

As part of our effort to defend our communities from corporations wishing to privatise public water supplies and services, MGA is undertaking a comprehensive survey of Massachusetts communities in association with local activists and water workers.

The results of our research are updated regularly and available for review online. We have generated an interactive map of Massachusetts local governments that allows site visitors to determine the status of their local water supplies.

To access the survey results, click on the map (right). You will need to have "Flash-enabled" web browser (like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera or Mozilla). Most browsers will have this feature installed already. If not, please visit the MacroMedia website for a free download of the Flash viewer.


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Upcoming OCOW Events

September 22-24, 2006
Our Communities, Our Water: Connecting the Local and the Global. UMass, Amherst

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