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International Organizations

The Polaris Institute

Polaris is "designed to enable citizen movements to re-skill and re-tool themselves to fight for democratic social change in an age of corporate driven globalization."


Public Services International Research Unit

Public Services International Research Unit "researches the privatisation and restructuring of public services... special focus on water, energy, waste management, and healthcare"


The Anti-Privatisation Forum

The Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) works in South Africa to "unite struggles against privatisation in the workplace and community."


Water Justice

Water Justice is a resource center "connecting people from around the world dedicated to effective, democratic and equitable water solutions."



Navdanya is an India-based movement "promoting fundamental rights to seed, food, & water."


Council of Canadians

The Council of Canadians is Canada’s largest citizens’ organization, "promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, safe food, public healthcare, and other issues of social and economic concern"


El Centro de Documentación e Información Bolivia (CediB)

CediB provides info & programs that help to "augment citizen participation" to end "poverty & injustice in Bolivia".


Aid Watch (Australia)

Austrailian nonprofit working to "ensure aid-funding reaches the right people, communities & their environments."


National Organizations


CorpWatch "counters corporate-led globalization through education, network-building, & activism" regarding "human rights & dignity, labor rights, & environmental justice."


Water for All

"Public Citizen's Water for All Campaign is dedicated to protecting water as a common resource, stopping water privatization & bulk water sales, & defending access to clean and affordable water."


Alliance for Democracy

AfD is a "[p]rogressive populist movement setting forth to end corporate domination, to establish true political democracy, & to build a just society with a sustainable, equitable economy."


Sierra Club

Sierra Club sponsored program seeking to "educate and advocate to prevent corporate control of water and municipal water/sewer services and to minimize use of bottled water."


Water Allies Network

"A decentralized network which believes that secure and equitable access to clean water is a fundamental human right "


Indigenous Environmental Network

Campaign by the Indigenous Environmental Network "pushing water as a human rights and Indigenous rights issue."


Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee campaign to defend "the human right to water& uphold equal access for everyone"


State & Regional Organizations

American Friends Service Committee – New England

"Trade Matters Program" has conducted education and action campaigns so that N.H. residents have a better understanding of economic change like water privatization.


Clean Water Action

CWA is an "[o]rganization working for clean, safe and affordable water, prevention of health-threatening pollution, creation of environmentally-safe jobs and businesses."


Save Our Groundwater

"Save Our Groundwater is a citizen action group dedicated to advocating that water is a natural resource to be held in the public trust and to be protected now and for the future."


New Mexico Acequia Association

The Association was founded to build a united voice for acequia communities throughout the state.


Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

"Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation dedicated to helping Michigan's citizens protect our communities' water supplies."


Sweetwater Alliance

"Sweetwater Alliance is a grassroots citizen movement dedicated to the defense and liberation of essential resources and services from corporate control"


The Resource Renewal Institute

"The Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to solving complex environmental problems"


Local Organizations

Holyoke Citizens for Open Government


Black Mesa Water Coalition (AZ)


Concerned Citizens Coalition of Stockton (CA)



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